Dr. Neka's take on the NEW transitions contact lenses

Transitions lenses have been available as an option for eyeglass lenses for quite awhile now. Now, transitions contact lenses are on the market. The question is…do transitions contact lenses live up to their hype? Are they really a good option for sun protection? Sure, they offer an extra level of sun protection while outdoors. However, what about sun protection for the skin around your eyes which, over time, can become prone to sun damage and even potential eyelid/skin cancer? And what about the option of polarization? Polarized sunglasses provide the most relief from glare, especially while on the water or snow, or even while driving. So while transitions contact lenses are a fascinating new technology and certainly have their place, a good pair of sunglasses still wins (in my opinion) when it comes to complete eye protection from the sun. One thing that these transitions contact lenses interestingly claim to offer as well is some protection from the “bad” blue light that comes from our phones/computers/devices. Though the protection that transitions contact lenses offers from this blue light is minimal, some people may find this to be another benefit to these lenses, whereby they may experience less eyestrain/fatigue while at the computer while wearing these lenses (as opposed to their traditional contact lenses). The only real way to find out is to try these lenses out for several days to see if that difference in eyestrain/fatigue is really even noticable.