The Story Behind Sight

One evening in early 2015, my husband and I started discussing health care and what could possibly be done to improve the health care system from the patient's perspective. We realized that it would be a dream come true to visit a doctor's office without some of the anxieties and frustrations that we had experienced in the past. That evening, we decided to make that dream become a reality. After months of planning and construction, we officially opened the doors to Sight Eyecare in October 2015. At Sight Eyecare, our "sight" is set on providing the absolute best customer service and care for anyone who walks through our doors. This means very minimal wait times, if any. Our staff will always greet you with a smile. I will take a very thorough history regarding your day-to-day visual tasks, to determine the best lenses and Rx for your needs. I treat each and every patient like one of my own family; therefore, I will not recommend a certain treatment or surgery if I do not think it is in your best interest. Part of the reason I went into the medical field was because I saw an opportunity to some day open a practice where my patients would feel comfortable voicing any concerns that they were having. I hope you find that to be the case here. We look forward to serving you!

~Dr. Neka Amato