I know you're ready for summer. But are your eyes ready?

Summer is soon approaching! The kiddos are now out of school and pool/hiking season is about to commence! Just like your skin can burn when exposed to the sun's harmful rays, your eyes can suffer as well. Luckily, we offer a wide range of options for sun protection. The most popular option is for us to make you a separate pair of prescription sunglasses. Most vision insurance companies will give you a nice discount on this additional pair of Rx sunglasses, since protecting the eyes from harmful UV light is so important. The brands we carry include Rayban, Oakley, Coach, Kate Spade, Oliver Peoples, and Bebe, though actually any ophthalmic frame can be converted into a prescription sunglass. We recommend going with polarized sun lenses when possible, as the polarization will provide you with extra protection from sun and glare, which is especially important with such sports as fly fishing.

Don't like the idea of having a separate pair of glasses just for the outdoors? Sure. There are 2 other options available to you. First, there is the option to have your clear ophthalmic lenses made into "transitions" lenses, which makes the lenses turn into sunglasses as soon as you step outdoors. The second option is to have us make you a pair of magnetic sun clips, which are custom-designed to snap onto your new glasses. If you are wondering what the best option is for you, feel free to stop in and talk to us! Based on your daily activities, sporting activities, and visual needs, we would be happen to recommend what we feel is the best choice for you.